Al Baladi …. Nutritious & tasty


Under the supervision of highly qualified and specialized Veterinarians, Al Baladi chickens are raised in full-equipped farms with well controlled environment.  Al Baladi chickens are fed on high quality feed according to international breeding standards and scientific feeding and nutrition programs.


AL Baladi ... 100% Natural Feeding


AL Baladi ... 100% Natural Feeding


all throughout the raising period, Al baladi chickens are 100% naturally fed with finest kind of vegetable feed made of  wheat , corn, soy, vitamins and minerals, excluding any animal fats, making them not only Halal but 100% organic.


Al Baladi … Safe and Healthy


In a slaughterhouse equipped with the latest technology and providing the highest rates of cleaning and hygienic conditions, all operations of slaughtering, processing and packaging of Al Baladi chickens are performed by well trained and qualified cadres and under supervision of highly experienced vet. medical staff


Al Baladi ….. 100 % Halal


Al Baladi chickens are individually hand slaughtered with a knife by specialized and well-qualified personnel with adherence to Islamic-Shariaa Rules.


Al Baladi …. High quality


Al Baladi  is A Grade product  i.e. virtually free from any defects such as bruises, discolorations, feathers, broken bone ...etc.   

The great taste, high nutrition value, defect- free and all above mentioned properties made Al Baladi chicken ….. a brand of high quality



Al Baladi … Fresh and freshly Frozen


Under the slogan "fresh, healthy and economical", fresh chicken meat is produced in different varieties products (whole, parts and accessories), which are sold and for the first time in Yemen by weight and at economic prices.

To meet the requirements of the market's need for frozen chicken, Al Baladi freshly-frozen whole chicken is produced in different weight (800 – 1400 gm) to be the first product of whole frozen chicken which immediately presents in the local market after the freezing process ( from production to consumption )


Al Baladi …. A product Of Yemen

The whole production cycle of Al Baladi products is taking place in the good town "Yemen".