AMAN VET FACTORY is located at Radam village, Sana'a, Republic of Yemen. The factory’s location is on an elevated Area that is free of any signs of pollution. There are no industrial units of any nature around the vicinity. 


AMAN VET is well equipped, especially for manufacturing high standard quality products. Production area is well designed in order to comply with GMP guidelines and it is mainly divided into two sections: Liquids manufacturing and powder manufacturing each installed with high capacity machineries.   


AMAN VET has big stores for raw materials, packing materials and finished products as it follows good storage practice and complies with GMP. 

Quality Management

The quality of AMAN VET products strictly controlled and supervised by the staff of PHARMACARE INT.MFG.CO - the pioneer in manufacturing of pharmaceuticals – which is run by high qualified and long experienced Personnel. 


AMAN VET produces a wide range of products. At present it has more than  60 products with the following dosage forms:

Water soluble powders: multivitamins& minerals,  antibiotics, analgesics …etc

Liquids Oral: Vitamins, Antibiotics, respiratory tract drugs, anthelmintics,.etc

Externals and disinfectant: AMAN VET. Produces very powerful disinfectants such as Povidone iodine, Benzlakonium chloride an Hydrogen peroxide