Best national strategic

Location :
PHARMACARE INT. MFG. COMPANY is considered one of the best national strategic investments. It has a state of art manufacturing site, located at Radam village, Sana'a, Republic of Yemen.The plot's location is on an elevated area, the immediate vicinity, as well as distance of half kilometers around the plot, is free of any signs of airborne or waterborne pollution. the plot is well enclosed on all sides. There are no industrial units of any nature around the vicinity. The total area is 22000 sq. meters.

Production :
PHARMACARE INTERNATIONAL is well equipped, especially for manufacturing high standard quality of pharmaceuticals. The manufacturing departments have all the required facilities for ensuring desired and consistent quality in all products.
The installed machineries are of latest technology and are sophisticated, with automatic controls and high-speedcapabilities from highly recognized firms in Germany, Italy, Uk, and Sweden.
Our manufacturing setup to end product and all our activities are in strict conformity with all international standards. All our products adhere to top international laid down guidelines, namely : cGMP, WHO,and international pharmacopeias ( USP, BP, & EP ) .
Quality system controlled by quality assurance department .Monitoring of the key operating parameters over the whole production.

QC , QA and R&D :
As these department are the backbone of the company ,they are equipped with highly experienced personnel and sophisticated excellent instruments .
PHARMACARE has one of the finest R&D and product development facility, manned by experiend pharmacists, chemists and technocrats.
All of whom have excellent level of experience in their profession to continuously upgrade guality and standard of our products .

Pharmaceutical products & medicines :
PHARMACARE produces - according international specifications and GMP guidelines - high quality, safe and effective medicines .
It manufactures a wide range of pharmaceutical products with different dosageforms : Orals , Mouth Wash, External Antiseptics, Capsules, Tablets and Dry Syrups.
PHARMACARE is considered to be one of pioneers in manufacturing:

        - Honey Based Syrups .
        - Sustained Release Products .
        - Effervescents Tablets .