Animal Health. Prevention and Therapy




Through our company background, we have years of experience in the research, development, manufacture and use of autogenous vaccines, especially for poultry.


These experiences form the basis from which we continue to strengthen our skills at vaxxinova. Our customers benefit directly from these convincing skills:

  • • over 20 years experience with an established vaccine portfolio
  • • typing of pathogens according to the current scientific knowledge and technology
  • • use of viral and bacterial vaccine components
  • • production of autogenous vaccines based on GMP-guidelines
  • • advanced adjuvant technology for excellent efficacy and safety
  • • rapid and up-to-date development of vaccines for “new” indications (strain variations) The primary objective of the company and all the employees is to ensure and further improve our quality.
  • For this we deploy all our skills.

The quality of our vaccines and our services is firmly rooted in our concept and the name vaxxinova.


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